Lifestyle Milano S.r.l. is a growing company that was founded in 2011, the debut year in the perfumery and toiletry sectors. and is at its debut in the perfumery and toiletries sectors. We have developed further lines over time, to complete the range offered, including Make-up, Skin Care, Sun, up to the last born, for the care of beard. Our business today is purely commercial and is characterized by its extreme versatility. We take care of following the entire phases of our product: from the creation of the "ITALIAN conception" products to the distribution, not forgetting the fundamental phase of the production carried out under strict control and thorough quality standards.
In this regard it is right to specify that the entire production of our items is present throughout the EEC and Extra EEC.
At earlier stage of our history we have implemented European production standards and after careful research and market requirements, we have realized the Art-work, the image, the formulas and the products to be put on the market.
In this context we have placed our first line of perfumes: "DREAMLAND Parfums Milano"
Our products can be imported without contraindications and have given excellent results both from the point of view of the quality / price ratio and sales.
We are constantly investing resources and always present at international trade fairs in the sector.


Having carried out the sector study, we were able to establish on which market segment to place the large family of the DREAMLAND lines, placing in great distribution, extremely advanced products, from the point of view of formulation and image, with an extremely high quality, despite a low placement price.


Lifestyle Milano srl, wants to be a young, dynamic and versatile company. Exploiting production sites in joint venture, we had the goal, today fully successful, to create products on customer request, enhancing the needs of the same, meeting personal taste and corporate moods of interest.
The opening to new frontiers, after the positive experiences in the national market, has allowed LIFESTYLE MILANO Srl to introduce a new method, a new one with extraordinary versatility, a dynamism that makes us ideal partners of countless foreign clients, in this market in constant evolution, where the speed of creation is indispensable, foreign customers embrace the new philosophy of LIFESTYLE MILANO Srl, realizing more and more unique and innovative products.
We set ourselves the objective of accompanying the customer on a journey, starting from the idea, up to the creation of the product, going through all the phases of its production.
The presence of formulators, designers, experts in communication, an extremely skilled staff for every phase of creation and production, allows us to create ad hoc products ideal for expressing the right character of the product required by the market or by the customer. The goal we set ourselves is to amaze the end-user with sought-after products.
The slender structure and its versatility make LIFESTYLE MILANO SRL an ideal and unique partner, in its kind, in the world of perfumery and cosmetics.
Lifestyle Milano srl wants to combine professionalism and skills in the sector with the ability to diversify: "lifestyle Milano srl wants to mould itself to the most chic and cheap lifestyle, exactly following the speed of this historical period where today is already yesterday, and tomorrow is to be discovered "


In these years, as said, LIFESTYLE MILANO S.r.l. it has been used in the development and creation of the great DREAMLAND family, which with DREAMLAND PASFUMS MILANO, DREAMLAND MAKE-UP MILAN, DREAMLAND CARE, DREAMLAND SUN, represents a range of products always on the move, and that follow the trends, every year, with the new colour ranges, and new fragrances.
From 2019, LIFESTYLE MILANO S.r.l. has been able to forge the new perfume lines "Professor" and “Miguel Angel ", created ad hoc for demanding markets, with exclusive fragrances and top of the range.
In the make-up and personal care sector, on the other hand, the innovative COMPLETEME, for woman, and the MASTER BARBER line were created, to follow the masculine need for personal care, specifically the face and (his) beard.
We are in constant creative phase, we follow all the new trends, often making us bearers of novelties, that continue to stimulate us in our work.